Exercise bike for losing body weight

There are many kinds of Exercise bikes that are available these days for the fitness freaks, the spinning bike, dual action bike, recumbent bikes and the stationary bikes are some of the popular bikes that are used for exercising. Some of the best popularly used exercises bikes are listed below:

Stationary bikes – the stationary bikes are the upright bikes and this is the best exercising bikes that many people use at their homes, this the basic exercising bike model that can be used while you are watching TV or reading books, you can perform this bike exercise at any time sitting and relaxing from your home

Dual action bikes – the dual action bikes will give you the benefit of getting effect for your upper and lower body part and hence this is called as the dual body part workout device. The handles of the bike will move independently like you elliptical machine. This is a great workout machine that is best for the advanced level users. You can use the bike adjustments to create arm pedalling workout.

Recumbent bikes – the recumbent bikes are the best exercising bikes that will give you fullest comfort, you can sit back on this and lower till the ground level as you keep pedalling. This Exercise bike is easy for the beginners and this will help you to get the real benefits from your workout program. Here are some reasons as to why the experts prefer to use the recumbent bikes for exercising:

  1. This bike is ideal for both men and women as it is safe and provides multitude of benefits. This will give various fitness level benefits to the users.
  2. Even a sedentary person will love to use this type of bike as it is easy to use and adjust. The adjustment settings are very simple and easy. Even those people who are obese will feel it easy to sit comfortably on this bike and exercise.
  3. The recumbent bikes provide sustainable workout, the exercises that can be done from this bike will not leave the person bored, you can pick a course that is easy or difficult or hilly or flat. You should however pick a bike that comes with different variations.
  4. This bike is suitable for various levels and you can set your bike to the advanced setting when you are well versed at the intermediate levels.
  5. To get some immense benefits you should add extra weights and this will give benefit to your upper body workout section.
  6. This type of Exercise bike is safe as you can sit back and low till the ground level, many other bikes will make you to put a hunch and so you will get a stiff back, but when you use this bike you will not suffer from any such problems. This bike will give you a good posture while you pedal.
  7. If you are looking out for a good cardio work out regime pick the Exercise bike as this will not put any pressure on your knees or joints.

This bike will make your body to exercise in such an angle wherein you will not be stressing any of your joints. Even people suffering from knee or joints problem will find it easy to exercise through this bike.

Why you need a bumper plate for Olympic lifts?

The bars and the weight lifting bars are used for general purpose weight lifting or for normal work out session, but if you are going to take part in some common wealth game or Olympic Games you have to pick the Olympic bars and the bumper plates that are specially designed for this purpose. Power lifting is not a general workout; it in fact needs the stiffer Olympic bars so that it can accommodate the heavy weights as they are used in sporting like the squats. These Olympic bars are longer and will allow the accommodation of more bumper plates in them, the bars are also thicker as it has to deform lesser under load. The sleeves shouldn’t rotate as they rotate in power lifting, thus we can say that the Olympic bars are specifically designed for this purpose.

The bumper plates are the main key of success if you are aiming for a productive weight training session; there are many reasons as to why one should posses some bumper plates in their training equipment stock. Bumper plates are needed if you are training for any particular sport or if you want to increase your explosive power or if you want to strengthen your weight ratio or if you are competing for the lifting competition. If you train yourself with the normal metal plates, you will not be able to achieve your target as these plates will not toss down as the bumper plates toss down. To get the utmost productivity from your training session you should be able to push your upper limits and be capable of lifting more weights. You have to practise the bumper plate’s exercises to do and train yourself in the gym for achieving this target. You can get quality bumper plates and Olympic bars at reputed sporting sites and this will serve the purpose well.

This equipment like the bumper plates, Olympic bars and the barbells will stay on forever and so you should buy the best quality plates and bars as they will survive in the long run. When your bar is not proper it will not be able to take up the loads of the bumper plate and hence it will fall down gradually. If you are aiming for Olympic lifts you will need a bar that will have more collars and whips as they will spin freely and only a good quality bar will have the needle bearing in its collar. Its whip will help in weight absorption and slung rapidly when you are taking it in overhead position. The bumper plates are made of solid rubber and they will fit well into the Olympic bar, they have same diameter irrespective of its weight, the bumpers are developed mainly to train Olympic lifts as they can be dropped over on lifting platform without any wrecking stuff. Competition bumpers are ideal for performing many exercises and your training will prove to be an effective one irrespective of the weight that you place on the rods.